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Track and Trace Goods: Comprehensive Market Analysis

JML International boosts your competitive advantage with international trade intelligence. To track and trace goods in any Latin American country, contact us. Our integrated trade reporting gives you the strategic advantage you need in your market.

Obtain Trade Market Statistics

Be in the Know
  • Gain Access to Vital Market Analysis and Reports - Our specialists identify supply and distribution opportunities in Latin American markets.
  • Manage Market Research - Our databases contain insights into the key players in all product categories and facilitate market share analyses for commodities, goods, and chemicals moving through Mexican, South American, and global markets.
  • Fast Track Your Research and Development Efforts - As our client, you can immediately access the South American trade data your business needs to succeed.
  • Brand and Package Protection - We execute specific searches to proactively protect your company‚Äôs trademarks, brand, and products.
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Market Analysis will allow you to make smarter decisions based on tangible, scalable data and achieve higher analysis levels on the products you produce, sell, or import.

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Key Benefits

  • Complete market analyses for usable business solutions.
  • Access information & data quickly.
  • Gain new information to apply to your strategies.
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Legal and Brand Protection: Our services safeguard your intellectual property through targeted searches that help to prevent copyright infringement and counterfeiting.

The mission of JML International is to seek out and develop profitable business opportunities in Latin American countries by synergizing Global experience, technical expertise, and financial capabilities with the vast needs of Latin American business and industry. We carry our mission out in a way that builds a solid foundation for growth, long-term business relationships, and profit.

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Experts in Latin America
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JML International has been helping our clients succeed in the Latin American market since 1994. We understand the requirements needed for your company to break into this ever-changing market.

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Our analysis reports and information come from only the most reliable sources. Our information will help you make the best decisions for your business. We value and respect our clients, and we make sure to empower you with the knowledge you need to thrive in the Mexico/Brazil Market.

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Canadian Business

Our firm specializes in assisting Canadian and other foreign companies looking to establish a foothold in the Mexican market. We have been an established Canadian business for over 20 years.

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